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TOWN OF NUNN, COLORADO RESOLUTION 2009-09 - Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Town of Nunn Expressing the Board's Opposition to the Mining of Uranium Near the Town - Adopted September 3, 2009 - YES: Karen Burd, Brian Jex, Jenny Johnson, Joyce Taylor, NO: Jeffrey Pigue, Jack Smith, ABSTAIN: Christy Alexander (PDF 208 KB, 3 pages)


"Powertech, CARD debate in Nunn" - Steven Olson, The Wellington - July 15, 2009 (PDF 17 KB, 3 pages)  This article from 2009 accurately portrays the attitude of Powertech officials toward local landowners who express concerns about potential groundwater contamination.  From the article: "...Mays (Chairman Wallace Mays) said, Powertech owns the land and the mineral rights and no one is going to tell it how to mine on its own land."


Invitation from the Town of Nunn to Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction to participate in a "round table meeting" with Powertech Uranium Corp. - May 25, 2009 (PDF 66 KB, 1 page)  This letter, signed by Mayor Jeff Pigue and sent by Town Clerk Tori McMecham, starts off by saying "The Town of Nunn Board of Trustees would like to invite you..."  The problem is that at least four of the trustees were never consulted before this letter was sent.  And there was no board discussion or action taken to approve town sponsorship of this event.


The Nunnion reports on secret agreement between Powertech Uranium Corp. and former town officials McMechan and Pigue

Posted March 7, 2010


From the February issue of The Nunnion Newsletter:


At the February 9th Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees, it was revealed by Chef Clement that former Mayor Pigue and former Town Clerk Tori McMechan had entered into a “secret agreement” with Power Tech to provide police patrols at the mining site northwest of Nunn. Chief Clement said he was instructed, by then Mayor Pigue and then Town Clerk McMechan, to
make these patrols and not disclose what he was doing to anyone.

The patrols were conducted from approximately February, 2009 through December, 2009. So as not to reveal the fact the patrols were being conducted they were listed as “building check” on the police patrol log. It is also interesting that, during that time period, according to accounting records for the Town, it does not appear there were any payments from Power Tech listed on the Accounts Receivable Journal.

After the Recall Election, prior to Mayor Bagby resigning, Chief Clement did disclose the “secret agreement” to Mayor Bagby. Chief Clement told Mayor Bagby he had discontinued the patrols. Unfortunately before this information could be brought to light, Mayor Bagby resigned.

Several individuals, present at the February 9th Special Meeting and who were on the Board during the time period these patrols were being conducted, stated they were not aware of this agreement.



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