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            5.04                 BUSINESS LICENSE GENERALLY

            5.08                 BUSINESS LICENSE FEES

            5.12                 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (Reserved)

            5.16                 AUCTIONS AND AUCTIONEERS (Reserved)

           5.20                  PEDDLERS, SOLICITORS, AND TRANSIENT MERCHANTS (Reserved)



Chapter 5.04





           5.04.010           Intent of Provisions.

           5.04.020           License Officer Duties.

           5.04.030           Application and Submittal.

           5.04.040           Applicant Qualifications.

           5.04.050           License Required Fee.

           5.04.060           Content of License.

           5.04.070           Duties of License.

           5.04.080           Change of Name and/or Business Location.

           5.04.090           Investigation and Enforcement.

           5.04.100           Right of Entry Authorized When.

           5.04.110           Suspension or Revocation Conditions.

           5.04.120           Appeals.

           5.04.130           Failure to Procure License Penalty.



           5.04.010   Intent of Provisions.  It is the intent of this Ordinance to impose a business license fee for the privilege of carrying on or engaging in any business, profession, or occupation with the Town limits, which business, profession, or occupation consists of the selling of goods, wares, merchandise, or service, the performing or rendering of service for charge, and the carrying on or engaging in any occupation.  (Ord. 181, 1996)






           5.05.020   License Officer Duties.


A.        The town license officer shall be the Town Clerk.  He or she shall collect all license fees and shall issue licenses in the Town to all persons qualified under the provisions of this Chapter.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


B.        The Town Clerk shall promulgate and enforce all reasonable rules and regulations necessary to the operation and enforcement of this Chapter.  The Clerk shall keep a record of all licenses issued pursuant to this Chapter. The record shall contain the following:  (Ord. 181, 1996)


                        1.         The name of the person or business licensed;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


                        2.         The date of the license;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


                        3.         The purpose for which granted;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


                        4.         The amount paid therefore;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


                        5.         The expiration date.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.030   Application Submittal.  Every person or business required to secure a license under the provisions of this Chapter shall submit an application for such license to the Town Clerk.  This application shall:  (Ord. 181, 1996)


A.        Be in writing, if required by the Town Clerk, and upon the form provided by the Town Clerk.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            B.        Be accompanied by the full amount of the license fee.  (Ord. 181. 1996)


            5.04.040   Applicant Qualifications.  The general standards set out herein relative to the qualifications of every applicant for a business license pursuant to this Chapter shall be considered and applied by the town license officer.  The applicant shall:   (Ord. 181, 1996)


            A.        Not be in default under the provisions of the Town ordinances or indebted or obligated in any manner to the Town except for current taxes.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            B.        Provide proof of compliance with all applicable Building, Fire and Zoning Codes and Ordinances.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            5.04.050   License Required -- Fee.  Every person who is the owner of any business, profession, or occupation which is subject to the business license fee set forth in this ordinance, shall obtain a general business license from the Town prior to the engaging in any business, profession or occupation with the Town.  The license fee shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per year, which sum shall be part of the general revenue of the Town.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            A.        The license shall be in force and effect until the thirty-first day of December of the year in which it is issued (unless sooner revoked), and shall be renewed on or before its expiration date for the next calendar year.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            B.        The license is non-transferable and no portion of the license fee is refundable.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.060   Content of License.  Each license issued under this Chapter shall state upon its face the following:  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            A.        The name of the licensee and any other name under which such business is to be conducted;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            B.        The address of each business so licensed;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            C.        The amount of license fee therefore;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            D.        The dates of issuance and expiration thereof;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            E.        Such other reasonable information as may be requested by the license officer.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            5.04.070   Duties of Licensee.  Every licensee under this Ordinance shall:


            A.        Permit all reasonable inspections of his business;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


            B.        Ascertain, and at all times comply with, all laws and regulations applicable to such licensed business;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


C.        A void all forbidden, improper or unnecessary practices or conditions which do, or may affect, the public health, morals and welfare;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


D.        Refrain from operating the licensed businesses on premises after expiration of his license and during the period his license is revoked or suspended;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


E.         Display his license where it may be seen at all times, or carry such license on his person when he has had no licensed business premises in the Town;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


F.         Not loan, sell, give or assign to any other person, or allow another person to use or display, or to destroy, damage, remove, or to have in his possession, except as authorized by the by-law, a license which has been issued to such licensee.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.080   Change of Name and/or Business Location.  A licensee shall have the right to change the name and/or location of the licensed business without paying an additional fee. provided he notifies the Town Clerk.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.090   Investigation and Enforcement.  The Town Clerk or other authorized administrative authority shall make all investigations reasonably necessary for the enforcement of this Ordinance.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.100   Right of Entry Authorized When.  All persons authorized in this Ordinance to inspect licenses and businesses shall have the authority to enter, with or without search warrants, at all reasonable times, the following premises:  (Ord. 181, 1996)


A.        Those for which a license is required;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


B.        Those for which a license was issued and which, at the time of inspection, are operating under such license;  (Ord. 181, 1996)


C.        Those for which a license has been revoked or suspended.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.110   Suspension or Revocation Conditions.  When the conduct of any licensee, agent or employee is so contrary to the public health, safety and general welfare as to constitute a nuisance, and thus give rise to an emergency, the Town Clerk shall have the authority to suspend the license.  The Town Clerk may also revoke any license for violation of any of the provisions under which the license is granted.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.120   Appeals.  Any person whose license has been revoked or suspended by the Town Clerk shall have the right to appeal to the Board of Trustees by filing a written appeal to the Town Clerk within ten (10) days following the effective date of the action or decision complained of.  The Board of Trustees shall hear the appeal at its next regular meeting, and its findings shall be final and conclusive.  (Ord. 181, 1996)


5.04.130 Failure to Procure License -- Penalty. It is unlawful for any person to engage in any business, profession or occupation without first having obtained a license therefor, and paying the license fee pursuant to the provisions of this Ordinance.  Any person convicted of a violation or provisions stated or adopted in this Ordinance shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), or by imprisonment of not more than one (1) year or by both such fine and imprisonment.  (Code, 2002)



Chapter 5.08





Chapter 5.12





Chapter 5.16





Chapter 5.20