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Anonymous email from "Silent Majority" to Mayor Danny Joe Bagby

Posted January 15, 2010, Updated January 16, 2010


Only six days after Joe Bagby was elected mayor of the Town of Nunn, an anonymous email arrived in his inbox.  The author of the vulgar and poorly-written letter not only attacked and made a veiled threat against Bagby but managed to disparage and vilify six other current and former members of the Nunn Board of Trustees. 


The author chose to sign the letter with the Nixonian term "Silent Majority" rather than use his or her real name.  This is not surprising considering the author may have violated state laws regarding libel and threats against public servants.  Since the letter was sent by email, the IP address of the sender is in the process of being identified.


The use of the moniker "Silent Majority" is fitting.  Taking a page from the playbook of disgraced President Richard Nixon, the author resorts to secrecy, intimidation, and extralegal acts to accomplish his or her goal - the reversal of a fair and free election.  Ironically, the majority of the voters in Nunn chose Bagby (and were not silent.)


The significance of Mayor Bagby's resignation cannot be overstated.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation stresses the importance of fair and free elections on its webpage on federal election crimes:

In democratic societies like the United States, the voting process is a means by which citizens hold their government accountable, conflicts are channeled into resolutions, and power transfers peacefully....When elections become corrupted, democracy becomes threatened.

Inasmuch as this letter was partially responsible for the resignation of Mayor Bagby and the effective overturning of a legitimate election, its contents should be made public.  However, to protect the individuals named in the letter and their families, their names will not be published and the most offensive passages have been removed.



From: Hesaid Shesaid <>


Subject: Concerned

Date: Dec 21, 2009 12:01 PM

Dear Mayor Elect,

I am writing you as a concerned citizen of Nunn, one of many. I'm not interested in making a house call as I don't want to be the next person accused of fabrications from an innocent visit. My concern is the "dog and pony" show that you have been corrupted by and are now steering in this town. For someone who has only lived in this town for a year, you have more anger, hate, resentment, and stories as if you have lived here your entire life. With that said, the group you choose to associate with to lead this town are full of lies, fabrications, hatred, and back-stabbing accusations.

The main negative player on your team is XXXX. Did you know she was run out of Fort Collins for her chronic negative actions? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Have you seen her in Nunn... she is an instigator, fabricator, stalker, and a sweet-talking manipulator who already took this town down by persuading you to perform an illegal action before being installed into office (referencing the 9 news and a conversation with the District Attorney's office). The next member is XXXX, the drama queen. She can tell you story after story that will take months for her to complete - very little of her stories ever have a "happy ending". She gets wrapped up in anything that contains drama, "stirring the pot" just like the other negative people in this town, making a mountain out of a mole hill. And XXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX He was removed from office for valid reasons...he acted just like Hitler and this town doesn't need another Hitler (XXXX was enough for this town). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and also, you don't voice to the people, "I am mayor and I can do whatever I want in this town!" And XXXX, the follower who loves the drama set forth by XXXX and XXXX. She does not know her head from her feet, and is easily persuaded to think negatively, just like the rest of the improper [sic] acting board members.

And XXXX, he is just as negative, dramatic, and easily persuasive [sic] as XXXX and XXXX. He has a personal vendetta for this town when his position was let go from lack of funds, but he has been brainwashed to think differently. The only positive person elected to the board is XXXX. She is non-bias [sic], does not like drama, is not easily persuaded, researches both sides of a story before making a decision, and is level headed her [sic] judgment.

Let me give you one piece of incite [sic], this town did not hold this much drama until the position of town clerk came up for hire back in 2005. There were a couple people who applied for the position, manly [sic] XXXX and XXXX, with XXXX getting the job due to her work experience. There had never been any problems between these two neighbors until XXXX became jealous of the outcome. XXXX, the mayor at the time, despised XXXX and refused to work with her from our many conversations we had over her negative actions (he has since befriended her to keep the negativity swirling, just listen to his negative words and tone). With her jealousy, XXXX started a news letter called "None But the Truth", bashing our newly installed town clerk through accusations and fabrications...AND IT HAS NEVER STOPPED! The news letter was stopped by XXXX, in protection [sic] of the town clerk, whom he loved so well (until XXXX got a hold of him after the election in 2008). Living here for over 10 years, XXXX has been the best town clerk our town has ever experienced! She took a turbulent office and made it functional, organized, and up to code. She took the town financial problems and made them a dearly documented record, being able to account for every penny this town has received. The accusation of theft is absurd, just look at the books; you will see the fabrication is merely another cast of judgment to demoralize her outstanding talent. The list of positive things she has done for this town goes under the radar as XXXX has done nothing but turn this town against her from accusations and fabrications....and many people choose to believe this as they are mentally ill, only wanting another reason to harbor more resentment. As a mayor, it would be wise to get to know the people in this town you have not talked to, hear their stories, and getting to know, first hand, what this town truly stands for from its history (which will completely contradict XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX's stories... as their stories are out of nonsense and anger). The personal agenda of the 5 board members and yourself will cause this town to become obsolete, unless that is what your agenda entails.

You don't have to believe my letter and you probably won't, but as a concerned citizen, is anger from persuasion the way to hold an office and lead a town? Is removing town staff the proper thing to do without getting to know their job positions? Who will replace them - are they more qualified than who is currently in position [sic] and already know what to do? How much research have you done regarding the stories you have heard? Are you feeling sorry for this [sic] who have been "hurt" and you want to make them feel better by doing as they asked, which is not a productive way to lead a town? And why are you and your wife so angry and hot-tempered, you don't have any history here in Nunn to be angry over (hmmm, interesting)? But this is the way you are going to lead a anger, fabrications, and a personal agenda. You might as well be the third Hitler to run this town! I would be cautious before taking your seat on the board as you can't be a marionette puppet in front of the town one will be speaking for you at the meetings and everything you say will cost you - trust me, that is how this town works. One wrong move and the negative players you are associating with will make you wish you had never moved me, this is how they act from years of watching this! This town has also been known for making death threats and I don't want you to be part of that label [sic], especially only having lived here a year. It's pretty sad when a mediator, giving of his time freely to help this town grow, would leave because of the thick tension and being scared for his own life (read the recent news articles)!

Personally, if I was in your shoes, I would give the mayor task to XXXX; the man running against you for the seat of the mayor in the last election. I am not an advocate for him, this is my personal opinion and here's why... he has dealt with million dollar projects, an abundance of employees with differences, and knows better how to handle this town from his diverse background. He is the kind of man who has left his personal biases behind, tackling issues head on without any persuasion. He doesn't act on here-say [sic]; he investigates to find out the truth of the matter. He can handle the tug-of-rope persuasion set forth by the newly elected board members and is not afraid to stand up to them if they get out of line. He has a backbone that is so sharp, you can cut your finger on it if grazed. None of this town's problems intimidate him, which is what this town needs - a strong man, not one who functions off of other's words and actions (you already have a poor reputation and you have yet to lead a meeting). Again, I only suggest this as you have been corrupt [sic] by other people's agenda's and stories, and this town doesn't need another mayor with his own agenda - another Hitler!

Again, You don't have to believe my letter and you probably won't, but as a concerned citizen, is anger from persuasion the way to hold an office and lead a town? Be cautious, your health might not be able to handle this - don't be the next mayor forced to use Flight-for-Life due [sic] the town problems hindering your mind, body and soul!!

Anger, negative persuasion, personal bias, hostility, and drama never solve anything,

Silent Majority