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Updated March 20, 2011




Email from Sue Fredericksen, publisher of The Nunnion:

From: Sue

Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2010

Subject: BREAKING NEWS...LUC Fails

At the regular Board of Trustees Meeting tonight, September 16th, the Land Use Code Ordinance failed by a 4 to 3 vote. Voting for (to adopt) the LUC were Mayor Tom Bender and Trustees Joyce Taylor and Keith Collard. Voting against the LUC were Trustees John Row, Patti Norris, Dave Achziger, and Patrick Johnson.

It is possible that certain articles within the proposed LUC may be revisited. One that everyone seems to be in favor of is Article 9 - Oil & Gas.


September 4, 2010 Update - The final revision of the proposed Land Use Code (LUC) is ready for consideration by the Nunn Board of Trustees.  According to Planning Committee members, the LUC will be on the agenda for the September 16 regular meeting.  The Board of Trustees has the authority to adopt, deny, adopt with amendments, or table the proposed LUC.  The articles are below:




Article 1 General Provisions - Sections 1.1 through 1.15 (PDF)

Article 1 General Provisions - Section 1.16 Definitions (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.1 through 2.7 (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.8 Lots and Blocks, and 2.9 Streets (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.10 Parking, and 2.11 Sidewalks, Multi-Use Pathways and Trails (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.13 Parks and Open Space through 2.15 Dedications and Reservations (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.16 Landscape Design, 2.17 Buffering and Screening Techniques, and 2.18 Fences and Walls (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.19 Residential Architecture, and 2.20 Commercial and Industrial Architecture (PDF)

Article 2 Community Design Principles & Development Standards - Sections 2.21 Lighting, 2.22 Environmental Considerations, 2.24 Potable Water, and 2.25 Fire Hydrants (PDF)

Article 3 Zoning - Section 3.1 through 3.11 (PDF)

Article 4 Subdivision Regulations - Sections 4.1 through 4.12 (PDF)

Article 6 Enforcement - Section 6.1 (PDF)  Removed 9/10/10 upon request of Planning Committee Chair.

Article 9 Oil and Gas Production and Drilling - Sections 9.1 through 9.20 (PDF)  Revised 9/11/10 by Town Attorney Matt Gould.

Article 13 Annexation - Sections 13.1 through 13.6 (PDF)


Comments can be submitted to the trustees by emailing to, or by mailing to Nunn Board of Trustees, P.O. Box 171, Nunn, Colorado 80648. 



For previous revisions of the proposed Land Use Code, go here.



August 24, 2010 Update - The proposed Land Use Code is currently undergoing detailed review and revision by Civil Resources LLC, the Nunn Town Attorney, Planning Committee members, and interested town residents to finalize for presentation to the Town Board for its consideration at the September 2 Special Town Board meeting.


August 19, 2010 Update - Several sections of the proposed Land Use Code have been reviewed by planner Danna Ortiz of Civil Resources, LLC.  Ortiz has made numerous edits as well as comments on the content of the code.  These sections have been posted here.  The files are Word docs, and the comments can be viewed by opening the files from this site.  If you download the files for later viewing, you must set the View for Print Layout or Reading Layout, and select Markup in the View menu (these instructions are for Microsoft Word 2003).  The Nunn Planning Committee will hold a working meeting on Tuesday, August 24 (time to be determined), to go over Ortiz's comments and suggestions. 



A letter from the Planning Committee:

 April 26, 2010

Attention Neighbors:


The new Nunn Land Use Code (LUC) is being developed in stages to allow time for your comments and recommendations.  The Land Use Code outlines requirements for NEW DEVELOPMENT ONLY. Current residential and commercial structures are exempt from the requirements listed herein.


Current residential and commercial structures and developments under consideration will be governed by the existing Municipal Code and Board of Trustees.


Please read the revised Article documents posted at If you have a suggested change for any part of the documents, use the “Citizen Evaluation Form” provided. Once completed bring the form to a LUC or Board Meeting.  You can also email the form to Your suggestions will be considered prior to finalizing the new Land Use Code with the Board of Trustees.


LUC Committee


Citizen evaluation of LAND USE CODE (PDF, Word)



Comments may also be sent to:


Nunn Planning Committee

P.O. Box 171

Nunn, Colorado 80648





Planning Committee Meeting Minutes 


Colorado Department of Local Affairs' Model Land Use Codes


Model Code for Colorado's Small Communities (municipalities) - Colorado Department of Local Affairs (PDF 5,319 KB, 649 pages)  Thanks to TV for compiling this from the DOLA website! 


Land use-related chapters from the Nunn Municipal Code:





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