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Letter to the Citizens of the Town of Nunn from Joe and Lynda Bagby

January 18, 2010



After careful consideration, Joe has decided to resign as Mayor of the Town of Nunn effective January 7, 2010. Due to the lack of respect for the position and lack of complete Transfer of Power, Joe is unable to fulfill his duties as Mayor.

This was not a decision taken lightly, nor is it the way Joe imagined his term as Mayor would turn out. We apologize for the confusion we may have caused by not speaking out sooner, but we had quite a bit of reflection to do before we took such a bold step. We have great respect for the Election process and no one could be more frustrated than us that such a hard fought Election would be wiped out so quickly. We are also sorry to those who sincerely believed in Joe and his abilities to focus on building Nunn into something to be proud of. This dream lies with each citizen and their personal responsibility to build this town up, not tear it down citizen by citizen.

Joe is not resigning because of the stress of the duties of Mayor; he did not even make it to having one Regular Board Meeting. There are many factors leading to this decision. If it was a simple as taking care of Town Business, Joe was cooperative to the limit the Town Hall allowed him, asked for patience and peace from all and was preparing for the Meeting 01/07/10 where things could be openly discussed. Joe was careful to do things legally and had been getting personal legal advice on how to proceed, considering the atmosphere and the delay of Transferring Power, and was following legal advice. Town Citizens would seem cooperative to his face and then continued their prearranged intimidation and delays when he was not around them, some asking for Joe to be ousted because he wasn’t working fast enough, some working to prevent him from moving forward at all.

Another factor in Joe resigning is due to intimidation and retaliation that has threatened our home, our safety and his duties as Mayor. He is unable to make impartial, independent decisions after being manipulated and intimidated instead of being respected and welcomed. He has yet to receive his Certificate of Office with the Town Seal on it.

Joe, as Mayor, was not respected and Joe, as Husband, had to take a stand against the threats and actual criminal damage done to his home and family. The Election had not been over a week when our home was hit with about 100 paintballs, by cowards who won’t come into the light. We had a ‘suspicious person’ on our property very early one morning and we have had several emails directing the way the Election should have turned out, all within the same week. Joe had not been officially sworn in yet. Attached with this letter are the emails we received around the same time as the paint ball attack. These people do not have our email address by our permission and yes, this kind of stuff is not right and against the law. Unfortunately, some people do not believe in the law.



Resignation letter from Mayor Danny Joe Bagby - January 7, 2010 (PDF 9 KB, 1 page)


Email to "Mr. Gagby" from James McMechan, husband of Town Clerk Tori McMechan - December 26, 2009 (PDF 9 KB, 1 page)


Anonymous email from "Silent Majority" to Mayor Danny Joe Bagby - December 21, 2009


Recall election


"Dear Fellow Citizens of Nunn" - campaign letter from Danny Joe Bagby - December 2009 (PDF 435 KB, 1 page)