Comprehensive plan and contract with DOLA

Updated February 17, 2010



For the full text of the proposed Land Use Code, Planning Committee meeting notes, and updates on the revision process, go here.



January 23, 2010 - Sources say Mayor Tom Bender has sent a request to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)requesting an extension of the completion date for the contract to develop a new comprehensive plan and land use code.  In order to get the extension, the town is required to submit a plan to DOLA for completion of the land use code (the new comprehensive plan has already been adopted.)  The current contract deadline is January 31. 


The town board recently named Trustee Joyce Taylor as chairperson of the Nunn Planning and Economic Development Committee and directed the committee to develop an updated land use code for consideration by the board.  Starting immediately, the committee will meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 PM in Town Hall.  Several residents have volunteered to be committee members.  Members do not need town board approval but can be removed by the board for cause. 



Emails between Trustee Joyce Taylor and DOLA Regional Manager Don Sandoval, and between consultant Danna Ortiz and Sandoval - January 19, 2010 (PDF 14 KB, 2 pages)


Civil Resources, LLC website on Nunn Comprehensive Plan


Comprehensive Plan (PDF 8,842 KB, 50 pages including maps) - Prepared by Civil Resources, LLC.  Adopted February 2009.


Payment Voucher from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs approving payment of $17,960.25 to the Town of Nunn as interim payment on Grant Contract #6024 - November 19, 2008 (PDF 81 KB, 1 page)


Grant Contract - Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program - EIAF #6024 Nunn Comprehensive Plan - between the State of Colorado and the Town of Nunn, effective 4/15/08, signed by Mayor Duane Bayne and Susan Kirkpatrick, Executive Director - Department of Local Affairs (PDF 1,214 KB, 17 pages)


Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program Application requesting $30,000 from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs for the purpose of creating a new comprehensive plan for the Town of Nunn, signed by Mayor Duane Bayne - July 31, 2007 (PDF 510 KB, 6 pages)



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