A Personal Note re McMechan's Removal

February 5, 2010



Dear Readers,


It’s been a long time coming…for 18 months I’ve been pointing out violations regarding the Town Clerk / Treasurer’s job performance, and for all those 18 months my concerns fell on deaf ears – to the extreme of some members of the previous Board calling the concerns “garbage.”  Yesterday was a culmination of my efforts in rectifying those indiscretions. 


Contrary to popular belief, I do not / did not have a personal vendetta against Ms McMechan.  In the testimony and evidence presented at the hearing violations of Nunn’s Municipal Code and State Statutes were occurring…this was not ok.  Perhaps, had the previous Board truly addressed and taken steps to correct the concerns last March when they were originally presented things would not have gotten to this point. 


It is unfortunate when an individual loses their job, and I feel no joy in my victory.  I only hope that the Town can now move forward and address some of the major issues facing us.  I also hope that we can put this behind us and begin the healing process this Town so desperately needs.





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